For Owner Services

Caring for you and your tenants

As your property managers, we’re here to support you – and your tenants.

From noise concerns to maintenance requests, we stay responsive and flexible to all your tenants’ needs.

And if you’re looking to rent your property, we can help you attract the right people – through our superior presentation skills and rigorous screening process.

Better management equals better returns

When it comes to punctual rent collection, you can rely on VICPROP HAWTHORN – because your cash flow is our priority.

You can also rely on our expertise in the local market and relevant legislation to set the best rental amount from the beginning. It’s how we keep your property strong and your returns even stronger.

Your trustworthy property managers

At VICPROP HAWTHORN, we believe in sincerity and authenticity.

We always give you honest, reliable advice, and ensure you’re fully aware of all matters related to your property.

As your trustworthy property managers, we keep your best interests in mind – and are available whenever you need us.

We treat your property the way it deserves

Your property is more than a building. It’s your investment – and your future.

That’s why we use our keen eye for detail to identify and fix any small issues before they escalate into big problems.

By being proactive, we’re able to save you more money on maintenance costs in the long term.